Parent Reviews

Ariann Dias

Bright Ideas Childcare has been such an important and beautiful part of our lives. As a new and first time mom the idea of putting my child in the care of anybody but me was terrifying. After raising her by myself for 18 months it was time to find childcare and I was lost. Unfortunately, when I first called Bright Ideas they hadn't opened up their new toddler room yet so they put me on a wait list. While we waited for it to open I started my daughter at another local daycare. Let's just say it didn't feel right. I'm very connected to my daughter and it just wasn't fulfilling her needs and it definitely did not supply the security and comfort that I needed. Thankfully, Bright Ideas opened up their new toddler room just in time and we jumped on it! It was by far one of the best decisions I've made for us. They were and are so welcoming. The way that they handle/manage everything makes it so much easier for the children and the families. It was so smooth and such a good fit for my very curious, active, and loving toddler that the transition from going barely 2 days a week at her old school to a full 4 at Bright Ideas was easy. Bright Ideas also doesn't forget to take care of the parents. They use this amazing app where I get photos and updates of my daughter throughout the day and this brings/brought so much relief, especially at first. They answer my way too many and probably annoying questions without making me feel like a pain! I really can't rave about them enough. They hold events for the kids around holidays. Every staff member I've met or seen with the children truly loves and cares about every single one of them. The way that they smile at and make my daughter smile is priceless. My daughter loves to learn new things in new ways and meet new people and Bright Ideas has been that place for her to learn, explore, and laugh! I have the comfort of knowing that she's in excellent hands and is having so much fun in a place that is helping her learn and grow. If you want security for you and so much fun and love for your little one then Bright Ideas is absolutely the place to go!

Rachel Chadwick

I feel very comfortable leaving my son in the care of everyone at Bright Ideas. My little guy has been coming out of his shell and learning so much from his teachers and peers.

Sara Johnson

Bright Ideas has been such a great spot for our son. The staff is welcoming, warm, and invested in the kids! It is so nice to have a place for him to go where he is genuinely cared for, safe and happy!

Crystal Tressel

Deciding to put our only child in daycare was one of the toughest decisions we had to make as parents but choosing bright ideas childcare was the easiest and best. I always know when leaving my son in their care he is safe, having fun and learning lots of new things. The teachers always have a smile on their face and it's obvious they care about each and every child they are responsible for. I would recommend bright ideas to anyone looking for childcare needs!

Carolyn SalBuck

I have been taking my children to Bright Ideas for nearly 8 years. My kids have been there from 6 mos old to 5 years old and I've loved all the different rooms and teachers. They do so many fun activities with the kids, from arts and crafts to having firemen come visit! One of the best things about it is that because of the open space, all the teachers know all the kids! I highly recommend Bright Ideas to anyone looking for a fun, caring and energetic place to bring their kids!

Tracy Hagerty Savage

My daughter attended Bright Ideas 13 years ago. I don't know where to begin... Ms Brenda helped mold my daughter in to who she is today. Confident, eager to learn, willing to take a risk and not afraid to ask a question. Those early years will forever impact her and help propel her in to achieving her goals. Keegan is a better student today because of the foundation you helped build. Thank you!

Anna DeToma

My kids have been going to Bright Ideas since they were infants and we could not be happier. The staff is welcoming, friendly, supportive, and always strive to create a nurturing environment. From infants to preschoolers, the teachers offer a wide range of activities and age appropriate lesson plans. I highly recommend Bright Ideas Childcare!

Kate Hartley

My children have been attending bright ideas for the last 5 years. My daughter is 3 and is in their preschool program. They are worth every penny. There are so many exciting enrichment opportunities that just do not happen at other centers. They hatch chicks, have farm animals visit, have regular visits from Plymouth police and firefighters, get to your school busses, the list goes on and on. Brenda is an amazing person and runs a really fun awesome center.

Angela Regner

This place is wonderful! All of the ladies there are kind and caring, trustworthy and truly high quality caretakers! The facility is welcoming and warm, no typical rooms down long hallways which I love! It feels like you’re in a home especially due to the open floor plan and even the entry way. Definitely not the institutional feeling of a lot of other (way more expensive!) daycare facilities.
The best part of all, are the friendly faces you see the minute you walk in the door!

Jennifer Zilinski

We love Bright Ideas! My daughter thrived there and was well prepared for kindergarten. My son, who hates change, is nurtured and encouraged to try new things. The kids are truly loved, and it is a nice blend of play based learning with some ABCs along the way. There is a reason there is a wait list!!!

Sharyn Miller

Bright Ideas is the best daycare facility my children have ever attended. Bright ideas is absolutely amazing and goes the extra mile to make kids happy to walk through their doors everyday and parents knowing their children are being well taken care of and happy all day long.I am truly sad that we can not take them with us on our next move!

Melinda Comstock

Brenda and her team at Bright Ideas are nothing short of Amazing!! They made a very difficult time during COVID so much easier with their care, love and attention for our son. I would highly recommend anyone looking for top notch childcare to visit!

Mayra J Colón

My oldest daughter has been attending bright ideas since 2016. Started in the toddler room since we had moved from another daycare. I remember bringing her with me to look at the place and she immediately warmed up to the teachers. Since day one they have been nothing but amazing to my children. My youngest started at 9wks and has since loved Miss Abby. She is all she talks about and now that she has moved to the preschool room, she mentions “breaking into the toddler room to see miss Abby”. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Every single member of Bright Ideas is amazing and loving in every way.

Ashley McDowell Bulger

We cannot say enough amazing things about Bright Ideas and the wonderful people there. It is so apparent that they truly care about the kids that they are spending their days with and we trust them implicitly. They are so patient and kind and our kids LOVE their days there. They are always coming home with projects and crafts that they've done. We feel so so lucky to have found them!!

Jonathan Chick

Long story short have had 2 kids in there over the last 6 years between the two. I leave there never with a worry that my child will get the utmost care possible. 4 stars all around all the time

Kelly Elizabeth

Bright Ideas Childcare is such a wonderful place to be! I have been a teacher here since 2012 and I am currently the full-time lead toddler teacher. It is a joy to come to work to see smiling faces and to care for them throughout the day. We are a team here at Bright Ideas and our families quickly become our family!

Kendra Marie Leach

Where do I even start. Bright ideas has been such an amazing place for my son. He's learned and grown so much. He comes home with so much knowlage. I was sad at first that he won't get to join kindergarten because of his birthday but in the long run it will benefit him more to stay another year and he loves to be there. We are expecting another child and would love to put the baby when the time is right there. The teachers have been nothing but outstanding to us. the owner Brenda since day one has been amazing and gone above and beyond for us and I am so grateful to have you all caring for my child. Thank you all so very much for everything you do. We all know caring for children is not easy and takes a lot of heart and patients!

Beth Kellogg Pugsley

My son has been going to Bright Ideas since he was 3 months old. He loves it there and so do we as parents. Miss Brenda made us feel like family since the first day we met her. The teachers at Bright Ideas are caring, kind and helpful. They truly have each child's best interest at heart. They are always doing something new and fun to help them learn and develop. My son has made some wonderful friendships as well. Thank you to all at Bright Ideas for what you do everyday!

Nikki Derouen

I could not be more happy with my experiences at Bright Ideas! My daughter has been going there for now 1.5 years and we recently added another day! She goes 3 days a week and she could not be more happy every day she spends there! The team at Bright Ideas truly do so much to make the children's atmosphere full of learning, fun, and play! I could not be happier!

Adrienne Towery

Before our daughter was even born we began looking at childcare centers. My husband and I both work full time so finding a place we were comfortable sending our daughter to 40+ hours each week was so important. We must have visited 10+ centers before we found Bright Ideas. We walked in and immediately fell in love, it just felt right! It's a homey feel in a daycare center environment. Each morning, I truly feel like I am dropping my daughter off with people that love and care about her. The thought of her leaving to start kindergarten scares me because she will be leaving a school she loves but I know when the time does come she will be ready socially, emotionally, and academically, in part (a large part) because of the years she spent at Bright Ideas.

Jacquelyne Kenyon

Bright Ideas feels more like a family than a business. My daughter goes one day a week but talks about “school” the other six days she’s home. Everyone that works there is friendly, respectful, professional and everything you could ask for when leaving your child in someone else’s hands. I would recommend this daycare to anyone that asked!

Carolyn Shaak

Awesome. So lucky to have Bright Ideas right around the corner from us. A+ in my book and my 2 year old grandson loves "school".

Lauren Downey

Bright Ideas has been wonderful. We came to the facility during COVID for emergency essential care and they have handled everything beautifully. It is very hard to be a parent of young children right now, I find especially with my preschooler who does not fully understand why his usual school is not open. They have made the transition go as smoothly as it could and thank all of teh teacher for the love and sensitivity they have shown my children during this time.

Alissa Silverman Tenney

I send my two youngest children to Bright Ideas and I have been beyond happy with our experience there. It provides such a loving, warm environment and the teachers are all so kind. It is clear how much they care for and love the children and how enthusiastic they are about what they do. My daughter is in the toddler room and my son is in the preschool room and they both love going to school and have had such positive experiences at Bright Ideas. I’m so happy I made the decision to enroll my children there.

Julia Rowland Hyland

We are beyond lucky to have found such a fantastic daycare! They are the most caring people and take great care of our baby. Thanks to Brenda and her wonderful team!

Jordan Mills

I toured bright ideas day care as well as many others in the area. although our needs changed and we didnt end up enrolling, I was more than impressed with the staffs friendliness, kindness to the children, the clean environment, and the motivation to keep up with modern technology for parents to keep track of their child's day. I am very picky, asked 5,000 questions, really look at safety and learning and bright ideas passed my screening as a mom of an infant!

Sonja Heslin

I can’t say enough good things about bright ideas we are so happy that we found them and that our son is so happy to go there every day he can’t wait and dies not wanna leave when we pick him up it’s warm and it’s like family every single employee that works there. It’s a warm environment loving and caring . We are so happy sending out son there.

Oceanna O'Donnell

My daughter has been at Bright Ideas since she was 9 mos old and she will soon be going to kindergarten. She has grown up and blossomed at Bright Ideas! It's been her home away from home all her life and it will be such an adjustment for us both when she doesn't go there anymore... She's made true friendships at such a young age and has had so many wonderful teachers! She transitioned from the baby room, to toddler room, pre-school and then Pre-K and we loved all the teachers through every phase. I love them all dearly and am so thankful that we have had such great teachers who really enjoy what they do and really care so much about each child. They get to know the kids so well! They always go above and beyond and make everyday fun! I've never once doubted our decision to send our daughter to Bright Ideas and am so thankful she's had such a safe, stable, creative, nurturing, loving and learning environment for the last 5 years! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Angela Smith

Today is my sons last day at this daycare. Ever since jj has started here (about 1 yr to 51/2 yrs) he has become such a little man, he has learned so much and that's because it's a great place. You have such wonderful teachers and I recommend everyone to go with a young child. Thank you he will miss you all very much:)

NP Smith

My daughter started at Bright Ideas about a month ago and we absolutely Iove it! The owner, Brenda, is amazing, and she makes sure to know each child and their family. The teachers and staff are so caring and they really work hard to teach the children in a way that’s conducive to each child’s personality and to their development level. I receive pictures and notices throughout the day, which I love, and they send home reports and newsletters and have a wonderful blog. This is my daughter’s first time attending any type of structured school/childcare environment and they have been so patient with her, and she absolutely loves going to school. I highly recommend.

Amy & Todd F

I have been so happy with Bright Ideas since my first phone call to Brenda before my baby was born last year. I instantly felt like she was a mom who understood how important it is to connect with the people who care for your children. I am a former preschool teacher who has had very positive and very negative experiences in the past with child care and I cannot say enough about how wonderful Bright Ideas has been for my family.

Katie MacNeil

Almost nothing is harder than leaving your child at daycare but at Bright Ideas, I feel as though I'm leaving my child with friends and family. I could not be happier with this center and all they do to nurture and support the children who attend. We have had such a phenomenal experience with the infant teacher this past year and are very happy with our decision. I'd highly recommend this daycare.

Jessica Campbell

We are very happy with the care our boys have received at Bright Ideas. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a caring and fun environment for their little ones.