The Childcare Success Summit 2019 – Sam and Abby

Having a growth mindset is something our team here at Bright Ideas is proud of. Our aides, teachers and leadership are always striving to be better. To be better for your children, our school and ourselves. One of the ways we want to showcase this is by starting a blog. So (drumroll please) here’s our first blog post! Yay! It’s only taken us forever to get it together, but it’s finally here!! So, to kick it off we will be sharing what some of our team members learned at the Childcare Success Summit and about what we learned there to make small adjustments to increase our quality of care.

“Attending the Child Care Success Summit with approximately 850 other childcare providers was an extraordinary experience. Being able to absorb the knowledge of growing and improving the Bright Ideas Childcare business was eye opening. Having Brenda and Sam alongside me was inspiring to say the least. The motivation and conversations amongst ourselves fueled our minds to want more. At the end of the day when my hand was cramped from writing down all the notes and my mind was racing with ideas, I was thrilled to wake up the next day and obtain more. The stories from the other attendees were both exhilarating and heart breaking. Everyone was there for the same reason. To improve, build, and boost their business. I knew that Brenda, Sam, and I were going to return to our team and share the great amounts of potential that Bright Ideas has to offer. I will forever be grateful for the Child Care Success Summit experience and where it will take Bright Ideas Childcare in the future. “-Miss Abby, Lead Infant/ Toddler Teacher

“Attending the Childcare success summit was game changing. There were close to 1,000 other people there just like us, trying their best to supply the best quality childcare. Most of the conference was geared towards the running of a childcare center, something that I have no experience in. I know that I have watched my mom do it for 10+ years, but I never fully understood all the work that goes into it. I think that attending this summit broadened my knowledge in the entire childcare field, rather than just being in the classroom.We learned so much about how to more efficiently run our center. Tours, phone calls, social media and marketing, onboarding awesome staff, improving our communication skills and mindset we’re just a few topics that were covered. That weekend I was “drinking from a firehose” as my dad would say. I am excited to implement some new ideas! Some we have already started doing, and others are on our to do list. I plan to change up our Facebook and Instagram pages and improve our website and implement small things to give our staff more of a sense of professionalism (like the name tags I made that we have been wearing!). The small changes will only increase our quality of care and teamwork and I cannot wait to see how everything pans out. The Childcare Success Summit has lit a fire in me to make our center the best we can be! -Miss Sam, Lead Preschool Teacher
We are so excited to start our blog! Watch out for more posts!

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